What If Your Sponsor Is Holding You Back From Success?

What If Your Sponsor Is Holding You Back From Success?

What if your upline is holding you back from success

If are a struggling network marketer; hardworking yet currently nowhere near the level of success you are hoping for, did you consider asking yourself this…

What if your sponsor is keeping you from finding success?

I know you might find this a little hard to believe, especially if you have been following every piece of advice and strategies from your sponsor such as:

  • Social media recruitment (Posting your business photos on Facebook)
  • Friends and family prospecting
  • Home parties
  • Warm/cold marketing approach
  • Etc

You must be thinking…

Why would your sponsor be throwing you under the bus when your success has a direct impact on their income. Right?

But as crazy as this may seem, what I am saying is true.

In this article, I am going to discuss why “blindly” following the advice of your sponsor could be detrimental to your network marketing career.

For starters...

Is Your Sponsor One of the Top Earners In the Company?

The reason I ask this is that on average 97% of the network marketers in your company do not earn a substantial amount of money.

Which means that there is only 3% of the marketers who are qualified to train and coach you.

If your sponsor is not one of those successful ones, how will they provide you with the success path?

I mean, your sponsor means well, but when it comes down to business, it is the results that count.

Years ago, when my sponsor (the nice Indian lady in the image above) convinced me to join her team...

She had no clue how to provide proper training and support, and she was struggling with the business as well.

The advice I got from her was to prospect my friends, family, and the people in the office. Then, I was also taught that posting images of me with the company's products on social media was a good way to generate interest. I was so wrong!

The problem is, I started to see my friends blocking my post, and I was even reported as a spammer. But when I asked my sponsor how I should deal with this problem, she couldn't give me a direct answer.

I don't blame her because she is just another victim, like me. Her sponsor wasn't giving her the support she deserves as well.

Right about the time I left the company because I don't see myself going anywhere, her business folded too.

Then, it was only when I met one of the top earners of my previous company years later that I realize...

The Old Methods of Network Marketing Don't Work Anymore

As Ferny (the top earner) told me, the majority of the sponsors are stuck with the outdated strategies because NO ONE at the top is willing to share their secrets to success. And he affirmed that the traditional methods (like the ones my sponsor taught me) didn't help the top 3%, it was something else.

And he told me that the internet has revolutionized the entire network marketing industry, but most marketers aren't aware of it.

What he said was true, if a distributor comes to me with new product nowadays or when I see a Facebook post of someone posing with a product, I will research the company, and the product on Google before anything else.

There are so many reviews out there, and there are only 2 possibilities after reading the reviews:

  1. Avoid the company; or 
  2. Join the person (the blogger) who wrote one of the reviews

But what about the distributor who was the first to introduce you to the product? Good question, but it is highly unlikely the distributor will get the sale.

Because people nowadays are conditioned to trust things that they read on Google more than the people around them (that's the sad truth).

And, to motivate people to join the company, bloggers will make their reviews (pitch) enticing, like offering freebies such as free marketing training, eBooks, etc.

This realization got me excited about my former company once again, and this time around, I joined the company with the Top Earner as my mentor.

Everything Changes When You Have Someone Successful Coaching You!

I was fortunate to have found a successful coach.

And he was the one who taught me the strategy called "Attraction Marketing" .

It is a strategy that is designed for network marketers to find high-quality prospects online effortlessly.

If you are wondering what Attraction Marketing is all about I want you to imagine this... 

You wake up in the morning, open up your email, and smile. You smile because you see commissions, new leads, and people applying to join your team. This didn't happen overnight or by accident. It happened because you followed a proven step by step system to attract people to you online.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Trust me, I didn't believe it at first, and I was just as skeptical as you when I heard about this.

But, when I see the results, I smiled!

So, if you're ready to build your business online with a proven strategy then get started with this FREE 10-Day Bootcamp.

To your success!



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