How To Attract Prospects Who WANT to Hear About Your Business!

whit and cari

How To Attract Prospects Who WANT to Hear About Your Business!

Are you inviting people to take a look at your business—only to hear prospect after prospect say, “No thanks!”

…or worse yet, “Ehhh, let me think about it.”

It's discouraging, right?

Maybe you’ve started thinking to yourself…

  • “Sheesh, I just want to stop CHASING people!”
  • “How do I get people to ASK ME about my business?”
  • “How can I finally transform all this work into real, concrete results (…like new customers and distributors)?”

Hey, we’ve all been there!

Sometimes prospecting can make you feel like you're spinning your wheels, getting nowhere fast

We spent two years of striking up conversations with complete strangers, putting thousands of miles on our car, and doing countless home meetings…

Only to recruit two people.

Yes, two people in two years!

And here's what we learned…

The problem with a lot of “traditional” network marketing methods is this:

whit and cari

Most of what's being taught simply doesn't work!

In fact, if you're still following the advice of an old, out-of-touch upline, you might very well be…

Repelling people rather than attracting them to your business!

Luckily, we've got a solution.

It's called the “Reverse Invite Method.”

Every day, somewhere between 15 and 20 people ASK US what we're doing.

They are, quite literally, inviting themselves to take a look at our business.

Once we figured this out, we went from having an $80 residual check to making multiple six-figures in our business.

It starts with curiosity

Obviously our results aren't typical, but absolutely ANYONE can improve their prospecting results using our method.

The Reverse Invite Method relies on making yourself so unique people WANT to reach out to you and INVITE THEMSELVES to take a look at whatever it is you're doing.

So never have to worry about chasing uninterested people who will only waste your time!

Now, you’re probably wondering how this works, what platform you use, and if it's free or paid.

Well, here are the basics…

Facebook is our platform of choice

We use paid Facebook advertising, and we also use a lot of organic, non-paid tactics as well.

The Reverse Invite Method works best using your business or fan page, but you can also modify these concepts for your profile and in groups as well (provided you abide by all of Facebook's rules and guidelines, such as no business activities on your profile).

The principles are always the same!

It all starts with a post to create curiosity.

There are two types of curiosity posts that work best:

  1. Basic (text with picture)
  2. Facebook Live video

If you're tight on funds, you can start using organic, free exposure in the News Feed.

But when you pay to “boost” one of these posts, you’re paying to get in front of a global audience, and that’s when you can start to scale your business fast, and create real leverage.

So how do you create enough curiosity for people to reach out to you?

For us, we do a lot of Facebook Live video—it’s our “go to” strategy.

But you don’t have to do Facebook Live or any kind of video marketing if you don’t want to.

Whether you’re using a basic post or a Facebook Live, just ask yourself…

“What do people need to know about what I'm promoting to get them to move forward and enroll?”

The answer to that question will be different for everybody's business.

Facebook Live Strategy

It might be one, two, even three things that people need to know…

  • What's holding them back or keeping them stuck?
  • What critical information are they missing to solve their issue?
  • What revelation or realization do they need to move forward?

Find those things.

Dig deep into whatever PAIN or PROBLEM they're going through right now.


Instruct them to take action to learn more!

  • Maybe you ask them to comment “more info” on your post
  • Maybe you ask them to follow a link so they can get more detailed information
  • Or maybe you instruct them to message you via Messenger for more information

That's how you “reverse” the invite.

You lead people to the point at which they think…

“Yeah, this novel solution sounds like it will eliminate my pain and solve my problem!”

And they will invite themselves.

Now, here's a question we get often, and it's really important you get this right…

Should you talk about your company's products?

And the answer is: absolutely, positively, NO!

That's single the biggest mistake any new networker can make.

New network marketers think it’s the product that gets people excited.

The truth is, people don’t care about your products!

Think about it: they simply don’t have enough information to care about your products.

You have to make them AWARE they need your products first.

The secret is simple…

It’s NOT your product or service that makes you unique!

It all comes down to finding out what makes YOU, or whatever at you're selling, unique.

How does your product or service help someone reduce or eliminate whatever pain they're experiencing right now?

As an example, let’s talk about weight loss.

People are NOT interested in learning how to lose weight.

They ALREADY know how to lose weight.

What IS interesting to them is how your product is DIFFERENT from anything else they’ve seen seen.

What IS interesting is what's unique your products, what's NEW about your products.

Once you persuade someone to think to themselves, “Yes, I need to talk to you about that!” THEN you can have the conversation about why they need what you have.

Make sense?

Getting people to the first “Yes” is the most important part

To recap…

You talk about the problems they’re having, you demonstrate you understand and can relate to those problems, and THEN you tell them there's a solution—WITHOUT giving “the secret” away.

Facts Tell, but Story Sells

Ask them to DO SOMETHING to get the information they want.

In other words, you’ll set it up so that THEY have to reach out to you.

You create enough curiosity so they want to learn more.

The best way to create curiosity is by telling a story

You've probably heard that “facts tell, stories sell.”

People in network marketing hear that all the time, yet few people really understand how this works.

Compelling stories make people WANT to get on board with whatever you're doing.

Some network marketers can’t stop themselves from talking on, and on, and on about how amazing their lives are and how much their lives have changed since they joined their company—and it ANNOYS the heck out of their friends, family, and anybody else who’s subject to it.

So how do you keep from pestering people?

How can you attract people instead of repelling them?

Well, here’s another simple truth…

Your company, whatever system you're using, did not get you where you are.

Your company or product may be the vehicle, but YOU did it

So instead of focusing on your product, service, or company, you should focus on yourself as an individual with a unique story.

Focus on making YOU that unique selling point so that people reach out to you.

It doesn't matter what company you're with.

You are not your product or service

It doesn't matter what product you promote.

YOU create a bond and develop rapport with people through your story, through your posts, through your Facebook Lives, so your prospects will say…

“I like Whit and Cari. I WANT to work with these people.”

The bond YOU create with people is going to take you much further with them than your product ever will.

Think about it this way…

When we first started, people used to come up to us and say…

“Hey, you've been with this company for a little while – how's everything going?”

I remember answering with a LIE.

I’d lie right to their face and say…

“Oh, you know, our whole lives have changed. It's going great!”

The truth was that I was thinking…

“Oh my God – this freaking sucks! I not only haven’t made any money, I’m LOSING money since I started!”

Thank God we learned to flip that story on its head.

We started telling the TRUE story about what we were going through

And when we started telling the truth, our presence started to shift.

Then people could authentically connect with us.

They felt the TRUTH of our story.

People found what we were experiencing valuable.

Your company does not matter

Ultimately, the “big secret” is to come from a place of SERVICE.

When we told people our life was “amazing,” they knew we were “BS”ing.

They saw right through it.

“Yeah, that's funny because you still live in your mother-in-law's basement and your car looks like it hit a million animals, so obviously your life isn’t that amazing.”

They saw right through us.

It came through in our energy…in our body language…in our “presence.”

When we changed our focus to SERVICE, asking…

“How can we serve the people we’re trying to attract? How can we bring value to their lives?”

Suddenly our circumstances shifted—quickly!

The more authentic you are, the more you focus on bringing service and providing value…

You become a SERVANT LEADER and that's when people actually want to join you.

All we did was share the TRUTH about our story.

The truth will set you free

We didn’t say…

“Yeah, we're making a ton of money. We're doing this and buying that. Here are all our credentials about what we've done.”

We just told the TRUTH.

“Hey, here's where we are. This is what we're doing now, and this is what’s happening now. These are the results we've had. This is what's working for us. You can make it work, too. Let us show you how to do that.”

It's that simple.

Authentically sharing our story, creating curiosity, and actually serving people, while leveraging 21st century tools, completely changed our business.

This is exactly how we tapped into the power of social media influence…

And harnessed the power of the Reverse Invite Method.

Now, if you're new to this whole idea and would like to learn more, then I strongly encourage you to join us this Black Friday, November 29th, for a special LIVE training, where you’ll discover how to use the same social media strategies that took us from an $80 residual check to making multiple six-figures in our business.

We're going to show you how to tap into the power of social media influence to sponsor new teammates like a pro.

No need to spam your friends’ News Feeds, copy and paste “cookie cutter” messages, or drop your company links all over the place.

You can be 100% authentic, feel great about how you “show up,” and absolutely CRUSH IT in your business

Look, we used to be “mall sharks”—and even hunted down prospects on the Vegas strip every weekend for two years.

Thank goodness those days are over for us!

They can be over for you, too.

So if you’re ready to learn how to use the most cutting-edge online methods to rank advance, sell more stuff, recruit more people, and make a whole lot more “moola” in your business.

Join us this Black Friday, November 29th, for our special LIVE training event!

Whit & Cari Higham

Influencer Enrollment Method

Sponsored 5 New People Into My Business While I was at the Zoo…

The Benefits of Automating Network Marketing Business

Sponsored 5 New People Into My Business While I was at the Zoo...

The Benefits of Automating Network Marketing Business

It's a Friday morning, and it's the last week before my son's first day of school, so I thought it would be a great idea to bring him to the zoo (since he love Panda so much, and he has not seen a live panda before).

In all honesty, I was trying to get my son to smile for this photo, but he was just too tired for that.

Now, this blog post is not about my day in the zoo...

Rather, this is about how I managed to invite 5 new people into my business, while I was spending quality time with my family.

If you don't know who am I yet, I'm an Online Marketing Mentor, and before that, I was a struggling network marketer who almost quit the industry.

Here's my humble story if you are interested.

Before I dive into the meat of this article, let me make you a promise that there is no trickery or fluff. It is pure knowledge and information that you can implement to your network marketing business.

And keep an open mind because everything that I am going to share with you will go against every belief you have about network marketing.

Also, you might feel lightheaded because of the techie stuff I share, but let me make you a promise that it is not at all difficult to implement, and there is a free boot camp that will guide you through setting it up.

But first, I want to congratulate you for landing on this page, because this strategy is only known to the top 1% leaders in the industry. (I know I might be exaggerating, but hear me out and you can decide if I am bluffing).

So, if you are ready...

The Key to Everything is Automation

And, the key to Automation is to Build an Automated Sales Funnel (Don't Worry, it sounds complicated, but it is not. I will walk you through it).

The entire process of building an automated sales funnel has to be done online. There is no other way to do it. You can't be cloning another YOU to do the work, right?

So now, if you are with me, let me share with you some benefits for automating your network marketing business:

  • You don't have to be physically present to invite people to your business;
  • No more rejections, because you don't need to meet people;
  • Get an endless supply of highly qualified leads;
  • Attract the right type of people for your business, without prospecting them;
  • A higher rate of retention of distributors, because their chance of success increases as you teach them the stuff that you are learning now;
  • Have more time to do what's more important to you. 
  • And many more...

I know, it sounds like it is too good to be true, but let me share with you the key elements that will make all these possible...

The 5 Key Elements to Network Marketing Automation

Automating Network Marketing Business

Element #1: Know Your Audience

It is unlike the traditional marketing method where everyone within 3 feet is your prospect.

In the online space, it is more important than ever to define who your target audience is. It can't be everyone under the sun; otherwise, your marketing efforts will be ineffective and costly.

Think about it; I am pretty sure when you join your company, and you started to promote the products and the business opportunity.

Did this ever come across your mind:

"How I wish I can have more people (like me) in my organization, things would have been much easier."

For me, this was the dream I dreamed about almost every day.

So yes, your target audience should be someone like you.

In Day 1 of the 10 Day Bootcamp titled "Shotgun Marketing vs. Sniper Marketing," my mentor, will share with you why identifying who your target market is, is the first step to network marketing success.

If you are interested in the free Bootcamp, you can click here to join.

Element #2: Personal Branding

The key to getting people to join your business is to build a personal brand where people will "like, know and trust YOU."

Let me ask you a question...

Have you ever bought anything online, and if you did, what made you decide to purchase the product? I am pretty sure one of the factors is Trust.

Trusting someone or something online comes in many forms. It could be in the form of a product review, a professional website, a highly engaging advertisement, and many other ways.

But to truly earn the trust of the people online and to get them to take action, they have to feel 3 things...

When they feel your (1) sincerity, and they (2) believe that you have the (3)right attitude towards helping them, they will shower you with love.

People join the business, not because of the company; they join the business because of YOU.

That's why building a personal brand is an essential step towards automating your business. Your brand has to emit the "trust-able" figure.

Element #3: Web Properties

Web properties are simply your digital assets.

By that I mean...

  • Blog
  • YouTube Channel
  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram
  • Twitter Profile
  • Yadda, Yadda...

In my opinion, the most important digital asset you should own is a blog (your personal website).

Because all the rest of the web properties (like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) belong to the relevant platforms... For example, if you have a Facebook Page, that page belongs to Facebook, even though your brand name is on the page.

And there are rules, restrictions, and guidelines you have to follow; otherwise, you risk your account closing down.

So, with a blog, you have full control of what goes on there, and what doesn't.

But first, let me share with you that creating a website is relatively easy, it only takes a few minutes (or hours if you are new to it).

A Personal Branded Site is the Basis of Automation

Having a personal site is the premise of building an automated sales funnel.

Let me dive a little deeper to explain the concept of having a personal website.

Automate Network Marketing Business with a Blog

Having a personal website isn't going to help much unless you have people visiting it.

For your website and sales funnel to work, you have to send people to your site through tapping into (or leveraging on) the audiences from the different social media networks or even the search engines.

One good example is Facebook...

Facebook has been one of the top advertising platforms to grow businesses. In recent years, they are crazy good at understanding their users, and Facebook helps you segregate audiences based on their demographics, all the way down to their interests and behaviors.

Many people, especially network marketers, have been using Facebook to grow their business.

And there is no reason why you shouldn't start building your business online.

Element #4: Automated Followups

In the traditional way of marketing, you have to be physically present (or at least be on a call) with your prospects.

And after the meeting, following up with your prospects is a critical step.

The prospects will most likely make their decision on the followups and not on the first meeting. I am confident that you are aware of this.

And, in each follow-up message, you have to personalize it. And to be more effective, you have to keep (and update) a follow-up schedule. This process takes a lot of time and effort.

However, if you bring your business online, you can automate the entire follow-up process. Most importantly, these automated messages can be personalized (if you know how to write them well).

In Day 6 of the 10 Day Bootcamp titled "Dating Your Prospects", you will learn how to set up the automated messaging system and to craft highly effective messages that will get your audience asking you more about your business.

If you are interested in the free Bootcamp, you can click here to join.

Element #5: Inviting

Alright, the inviting process is way down the sales funnel because you can't position yourself as a distributor of your company right up front.

Simply speaking, you should never tell your prospects right upfront about the company you are in (unless you've earned their trust).

The reason is that most of the social media networks do not approve of your company (don't ask me why). And, whenever your company name is made known to your prospects (before they start trusting you)...

They will do their research online, and you know that there are already so many negative reviews about your company. Thus, the odds of your prospects joining you is close to zero.

So if you want to invite people into your business, you have to send your prospects through the automated sales funnel as we've discussed above.

This process will get people to like, know, and trust you, and when you have earned their trust, that is when you start inviting people into your network marketing business.

And, the best part about sending people through this sales funnel is that you can earn money from your prospects even if they don't join your business.

This Bootcamp will show you how you can do that, and that's the beauty of automating your business online.

My Final Words

So, these are the 5 elements you need to automate your network marketing business.

I hope these all make sense to you, and I hope that I have delivered what I've promised at the start of this article.

If you have any questions or you are not clear about any aspects of this article, feel free to leave a comment below, and I will get right back to you.

I hope that with the information I've shared, you can apply it to your business.

And of course, there are many grounds to cover for each element which I can't be explaining on this blog post itself. Otherwise, this will be a super long article...

So to bring across the information to you more effectively, you can take advantage of this free 10 day online recruiting Bootcamp.

The Bootcamp will dive deep into the concept I've talked about above. If you are interested to learn more, click here.

Thank you so much, and I hope that you've enjoyed reading this article! I'll be forever grateful to you if you share this article (that is if you find this information worthy)!

Your pal,



Finally, A Simple Way To Recruit Into Your Network Marketing Business Online – Rejection FREE – Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads…

Claim Your Free Internet Recruiting Video Series (Bootcamp)…

Best Network Marketing Tips For Beginners – Your Guide To Success

Best Network Marketing Tips

Best Network Marketing Tips For Beginners - Your Guide To Success

Best Network Marketing Tips

Many people join network marketing because it gives anyone a chance to earn a huge income and the means to achieve financial independence.

In this article, I put together some of the best network marketing tips for beginners that can help you jumpstart your network marketing business.

When I was starting in network marketing...

I often find myself lost running in all directions.

One thing that saved my network marketing career is an extensive training program created explicitly for network marketers.

This program kept me in line and gave me a clear perspective of my goal and how to get there.

Of course, during that time, I have to reach into my own pocket to get access to this kind of information, but for today...

I am going to share them to you for free!

Below are some of the things I learned on that program that are simple yet has proven to be very useful in my network marketing career.

Tip #1: Find your Deepest Why

Before joining any network marketing company, you must ask yourself this...


You must know whether you are only doing this for fun, to see what it’s all about, to generate an income, you don’t know how to politely turn down the person that has been inviting you or…

There is a much deeper reason why you want to get yourself into network marketing.

Clearly identifying your reason/s why you want to venture into network marketing will play a crucial role in your success in this industry.

Tip #2: Find your Passion

Once you have taken a closer look as to why you wanted to do network marketing, the next thing to do is find something you are really passionate about.

There are different kinds of network marketing companies, and each of them represents a specific niche.

Choose a niche that you are particularly passionate about.

Whether you are particularly passionate about skin and body care, makeup, health and wellness, organic foods or, dieting, there’s something out there that perfectly fits you.

If you love the niche you are in; you will find it very easy to promote your products and talking about it will come very natural to you (you’re not even going to think about it as advertising), and everything can easily fall in the right places.

When you are doing something you love and has a real emotional connection with, you will find it smooth and very manageable.

Tip #3: Familiarize your Products

To be more effective in selling your products in your chosen niche, passion is not enough.

To be able to promote and sell your products more effectively, you have to know them inside out. You can start asking yourself these simple questions:

  • How does your product works
  • Why do they work
  • Who are your products created for
  • Who created your products
  • Are your products prices competitive
  • Are there any other products out there similar to yours
  • Why should people buy your products instead

People buy things either because they want to or they need to or both.

You must be able to present your product as a solution to whatever their problem is.

Spending some time to learn more about your products will provide you a better understanding of how to sell them and who you should sell them to.

Tip #4: Invest in Educating Yourself

Being completely knowledgable about your product is not enough to become successful in network marketing.

There are a few more things you must learn on how to succeed in network marketing fast.

One of which is to equip yourself with the proper skills and knowledge, by educating yourself.

I know this might be hard to hear because most people who join network marketing want to earn money immediately (as did I in the past).


I am not telling you that you cannot earn as you learn. You can still do that.

Unfortunately, the overall success of your network marketing career, including the chance to make really huge money will only come right after you acquired the specific set of skills to do so.

To become an effective network marketer, you need to master a set of skills such as the art of selling and how to get unlimited leads and prospect for your business.

Learn social media marketing and other strategies that you can utilize for your business.

You must also prepare yourself on how to be a leader and how to properly guide the people under your team (this is important once you get a big network) to get where they want to.

These skills will propel you towards success, and there is no other way around to acquire them other than educating yourself by investing in some of the best network marketing training programs today. This is one of the guaranteed success formula in network marketing.

Tip #5: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone is a Must

If you are relatively new to network marketing, chances are you will be exposing your self to a lot of new things and experiences, some of which may be a little uncomfortable for you.

Let me take a pause on this network marketing tips for beginners and allow me to share my personal experience in network marketing.

A few years back when I was just starting a business in network marketing, there are multiple occasions that I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I experienced

  • Approaching strangers in malls
  • Talking and interacting with countless people
  • Getting laughed at by my friends and family
  • Organizing business orientations
  • Speaking in front of a crowd

These are only the things that are on top of my head. And as much as I hate to break it to you, chances are you are going to experience these things too. Network marketing will force you to grow and push you to move forward, and that’s actually a good thing!

Not only will you exposing your self to new experiences but getting out of your comfort zone is a sign that you are one step closer to your goal.

Tip #6: Grow your Network

Network Marketing Tip - Network Determines Networth

In network marketing, growing and expanding your network through recruitment is one of the foundations of your success.

Sure it’s easy to get started with your friends and families first, but later on, you can’t keep harassing them to buy your products or join your business. You need to branch out and get your leads and prospects somewhere else.

There are many network marketing training programs that will teach you how to grow your network fast and steadily.

For example, one of the Best Network Marketing ​Training Programs will not only provide you with the best network marketing tips for beginners but also, it will help you build an audience of people that are hungry to buy what you’re selling!

Imagine yourself generating high quality leads steadily. People who are already interested in the business opportunity that you offer. People who have their money ready to buy the product or services that you are promoting.

Imagine getting this kind of people DAILY! Imagine how fast your network will grow.

Tip #7: Be Hardworking but Patient

There is a famous expression that goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day."

The same thing applies when building your business in network marketing. The truth is, money might not start rolling in for you after a few weeks or even months of hard work. Building a business takes time, hard work, and lots of patience. Lots and lots of patience.

When I started my network marketing career, I wasn’t prepared for something like this. I was very much hypnotized by the promises and sweet words of my sponsor. Things got so bad that I was having trouble paying my bills and my dept quickly piled up.

I am telling you right here right not, no matter how much your sponsor try to butter things up, making money with network marketing is not that easy - AT FIRST!

And it would have remained that way for me if I wasn’t able to stumble upon one of the Best Network Marketing Training Programs for beginners.

When things don’t click immediately, remind yourself that you can always adjust your strategy and try again. Success in network marketing is much like building Rome. It is a process and one that doesn’t happen overnight.

Tip #8: Your Success or Failure is on You

Although there are people who can help you achieve success in network marketing, e.g., mentors, coaches, and your sponsor, you alone are responsible for your success or failure in network marketing.

(By the way, are you interested to learn if your sponsor is holding you back from success?)

It can be very easy to blame the system, the training, the company, your circumstances or everyone else whenever the shit hits the fan but you know what, at the end of the day, it all goes back to you and the decisions you make along your network marketing career.

You have the power to take action and move in your network marketing business o the direction that you wanted to go. The other things are there to support you and provide you assistance; a door if you will.

However, the decisions that you make and the actions that you take are what matters in the end.

Bonus Tip: The Secret Networking Marketing Strategy To Success

Before I end let me share you one more strategy that will give you a little more boost in your network marketing career.

The Commitment Strategy.

Later on in your network marketing business, you will encounter a lot of people that go into network marketing with this kind of mentality, “You know what? I’ll give it a month, and we’ll see.”

Stay away from these people and never make the same mistake of thinking this way about network marketing.

Think of it this way.

If you are coming into network marketing with the wrong idea that doing this business for a meager amount of time in a half-assed attitude will get you anywhere, I am telling you right now this is not for you.

This is a business opportunity, a legit business opportunity that if done right, can provide you the life you could have only dreamed of within the next 5-10 years.

Does the thing you do now, the one that you are giving your full-time effort and commitment promise you the same thing?

One of the best network marketing tips for beginners I can give you right now is this:

If you are not willing to give your all into network marketing...

Then, you might as well not waste any of your time and money.

I am sorry, but I don’t want to give you false hope that anything but your 100% commitment is one of the keys to succeed in network marketing.

I learned that the hard way and I don’t want you to experience the hellish things I have in network marketing because of my wrong way of thinking.

This is why it is so important to start your network marketing business off on the right foot.

Final Words

Until here and thank you for taking the time to read this article. Do you want to get more network marketing tips for beginners? Come back here every once in a while as we are constantly updating our contents for you.

On the other hand, if you want to jumpstart your network marketing business right now, then grab your success blueprint here.

I wish you nothing but success in the future.

Your pal,



Finally, A Simple Way To Recruit Into Your Network Marketing Business Online – Rejection FREE – Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads…

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Attraction Marketing Formula Review – The Future Of Network Marketing?

Attraction Marketing Formula Review

Attraction Marketing Formula Review - The Future Of Network Marketing?

Attraction Marketing Formula Review

Welcome to my Attraction Marketing Formula review.

I know you have heard a lot about attraction marketing and how it can change the course of your network marketing business in an upward most direction.

Well, you came to the “ultimate attraction marketing success formula blueprint” you can ever find in the market today.

I know it sounds like a little exaggerated but please bear with me. Within the next few moments, you will understand why I make such a bold claim. 

Attraction Marketing Formula (AMF) Review Summary

Founder: Ferny Ceballos

Price: $97 $27 (Discount Only Available through the button below)

Growth Networker Rating:

Recommended? Yes


Why Should You Read this as a Network Marketer?

By reading this Attraction Marketing Formula review, you will be able to find the answers to why:

  • Your prospects are continually rejecting you
  • Most people are not interested in your business opportunity
  • Blindly following your upline’s advice is terrible for your business
  • You are not making any sales and people do not join you
  • You are not getting the results that you wanted (nothing seems to work)
  • The traditional network marketing approach is the reason why you haven’t succeeded (yet)

I am hoping you are not cold because this will knock your socks off. Let’s start with the basics...

What Is The Attraction Marketing Formula?

Attraction Marketing Formula (AMF) is hands down the best program for network marketers to build your business from the ground. (in my opinion)

I know I may sound a little biased saying this, but it's hard to find any negative feedback about this product. Believe me, that is a sporadic phenomenon in this industry.

In fact, I dare you to find a legitimate negative review about AMF and drop the link on the comment section below 🙂

This 185-page eBook is consist of powerful tools and superb training resources (e.g., training videos, eBooks, including a 10-day boot camp) that you as a network marketer could ever dream of.


The core training and strategies you will learn in this training program are the foundation of what is being taught in the Elite Marketing Pro.

Elite Marketing Pro is a online training and COACHING Program founded by Tim Erway and Matt Crystal.

The Attraction Marketing Formula covers everything you need to know from:

  • Building a humble network marketing organization from scratch
  • Turning it into a world-class business empire

Imagine yourself being provided with a guaranteed success formula blueprint, a step by step process towards your own success in network marketing. 

All you have to do is implement the things that you will learn within the Attraction Marketing Formula, and in no time, you will have a high functioning and growing network marketing business.

How do you like that?

The Man behind Attraction Marketing Formula

The Attraction Marketing Formula is a comprehensive guide for network marketers created by Ferny Ceballos, with significant contributions from Tim Erway.

Ferny is an 8-figure earner and a renowned Internet marketing specialist. He has thousands of students around the globe and is responsible for most of their success.


One of the most important things you can learn from Attraction marketing formula is that instead of doing your network marketing business "old-school," you will have your hands full of fresh strategies that ACTUALLY work in the 21st Century.

With the AMF, you can say goodbye to:

  • Prospecting friends and families;
  • The door to door marketing strategies;
  • Continually relying on your uplines for advice and tips;
  • Home parties and one-on-one business presentations;
  • Handing out flyers and brochures on the streets;
  • Chasing after anyone and everyone and;
  • Say goodbye to rejections.

Instead, you will have sophisticated and brand new tools and strategies to effectively run your network marketing business in this modern era.

What makes AMF is the Most Efficient way to Build Your Network Marketing Business

A very short hiatus.

When I was starting my career as a network marketer, I often find myself lost. I am constantly struggling with lead generation, prospecting and making sales.

I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. It gotten so bad that I almost quit network marketing. You can read My Story and see if you can relate.

Back to business...

The Attraction Marketing Formula is “the” tool when it comes to building your network marketing business.


I say this just because it comes brimming with proven and effective marketing strategies specifically designed for your business.

With AMF, you will be able to:

  • Automate your network marketing business 24/7;
  • Get access to unique tools that generate leads and sales even as you sleep;
  • Learn different strategies to build your network marketing business online;
  • Attract an endless stream of quality leads and prospects that want what you have to offer;
  • Do network marketing without Zero Rejections and;
  • Succeed in network marketing without a miracle, just follow a proven system.

Isn’t these what you wanted? All these years you have been doing all the grueling work when in fact…

There is a simple solution to keep you from struggling with network marketing.

Without further ado, let’s take a peek on what’s inside this popular training program for network marketers.

What's Inside Attraction Marketing Formula

On this part of my Attraction Marketing Formula review, allow me to share what you can expect to learn inside this 10-Chapter, 185-Page eBook. The chapters are:

  1. Introduction
  2. ​Taking advantage of the Internet to automate your business and generate leads
  3. ​The art of branding yourself make people believe and become interested in what you have
  4. ​How to effectively build your market pipeline
  5. ​Get sales and earn profits from people without them buying your product or joining your team (this I personally like)
  6. ​How to take control of your business niche and dominate your competition
  7. Things you must know about cyber real estate that are essential to your business
  8. Building a doorway to start generating endless leads for your global business empire
  9. ​Effective use of email automation to grow your business in no time
  10. ​Final Thoughts

Once you are finished with these 10 chapters, you can expect that you will have learned enough about how to do your network marketing business.

You will also have a clear understanding on how to identify your prospects needs and wants and how you can give it to them.

I do not want to give it all away but...

Here’s a little more peek from what you can get from the Attraction Marketing Formula.

The Bonus Webinar Training Videos

AMF comes with two bonus training videos which will cover the topic of building your own world-class network marketing business empire. These are:

5 Step Promotion Strategy for Making a Full-Time Income from AMF

  • Leveraging your network marketing business using the Elite Marketing Pro Platform
  • How to get multiple streams of income
  • Proven strategies on how to find highly targeted leads

Cracking the Internet Recruiting Code

  • Why attraction marketing makes sense for network marketers
  • The truth about traditional network marketing methods and why it is holding you back from real success

The 10 Day AMF Boot Camp

When you purchase the AMF, you will be entitled to The 10 - Day AMF Boot Camp which covers in detail the things below:

  1. SHOTGUN Marketing vs. SNIPER Marketing - What is shotgun and sniper marketing
  2. How to Read Your Prospects’ Mind? - Knowing what your prospect want/need and how to give it to them
  3. I did for the Cheese - How to build a relationship using your email list
  4. Anatomy of your MOUSE TRAP – How to use an opt-in page and a capture page; how to make effective ones
  5. Marrying Your Customer – The art of selling
  6. DATING Your Prospects – How to step up from being a nobody to an entrepreneur followed and respected by many
  7. The Magic Slot Machine – Generate sales and profits from cold leads
  8. Popping the Question – Covers the basics of running an online sales page and how to create compelling ones
  9. The Fortune is in the Follow-up – How to build a relationship, connect with your list of followers and how to take care of them
  10. WITFM – What’s in it for me? – A wrap-up of the entire 10-Day Bootcamp

In a nutshell, Attraction Marketing Formula is all about the core strategies being exploited by the top 1% network marketers.

Now, you will have access to them too.

With the Attraction Marketing Formula, you will also have access to exclusive tools so you can:

  • Cement your path to succeed in network marketing
  • Get sales from people outside the MLM industry
  • Generate profits from the people who already said NO to your network marketing business


What I like about AMF is that it allows you to have a lot of options and versatility on how you want to run your network marketing business.

Unlike other training programs out there,

It doesn't beat around the bush. 

Every moment you spend with AMF, there is something you can learn.

The program will also provide you with a wide range of marketing strategies and methods with an almost guaranteed result.

Yes, I put an “almost” somewhere in there because, and I want to make this as clear as possible that:

At the end of the day, your success relies on the actions that you take and the decision that you make.

No matter how amazing the things you can learn from the AMF, its what you do with them and how you implement the things you learn is what will decide your results.

Is AMF for You?

Attraction Marketing Formula is created explicitly for network marketers who have been hungry for too long to succeed in this industry. However...

The principles and strategies that you will learn from this program can also be applied to promoting any kinds of business such as eCommerce and Affiliate Marketing.

Additionally, AMF also brings something to the table even for already established and successful business entrepreneurs. 

As the program is full of valuable knowledge about marketing strategies, it is most likely that you, an already successful entrepreneur, will find one that will boost your profits and take your business to a whole new level.

My Sincere Advice To You

There are many paths to succeed in the network marketing industry. Most of the time, it all comes back to you and how hungry are you for success, to live the life of your dream and to attain financial freedom.

One thing I can say for certain though...

The Attraction Marketing Formula will provide you with a clear unobstructed path towards your success in network marketing.

You will be able to clearly identify the things that have been holding you back from success and take action about it.

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this Attraction Marketing Formula review. I highly encourage you to learn more about the Attraction Marketing Formula as it has been the instrument for me too attain the level of success I have now for my network marketing business.

It can do the same for you too!!

Until next time and whichever path you choose, I wish you success in the future.

Your pal,


Do have some personal experience to share about AMF? Are there some crucial facts that you wanted to add on this Attraction Marketing Formula review?

Attraction Marketing & Its Importance to Network Marketers

Why Attraction Marketing is Important to Network Marketers

Attraction Marketing & Its Importance to Network Marketers?

Why Attraction Marketing is Important to Network Marketers

If you want to revolutionize your network marketing business and cement your path to success, then you must learn about attraction marketing and master it fast.

Unlike other success formula blueprints, attraction marketing is not a single success program. It provides you an endless opportunity to do your network marketing business your way.

What is Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing is the magnet that brings your leads to your business.

As I mentioned above, this is not a single marketing strategy but rather, the culmination of a different approach and steps that will allow you to get people wanting your business opportunity.

The focus of attraction marketing is to get your leads coming at you, eager to learn about the business opportunity that you have, rather than the other way around.

With attraction marketing, IMAGINE starting new dawn for your networking business where:

  • High-quality individuals will present themselves to be part of your business
  • No more chasing people around in malls and train stations
  • You will never be rejected presenting your business
  • Time-consuming one-on-one presentations is a thing of the past
  • You can totally automate your business so you can get leads even as you sleep
  • Most importantly, sales sales and repeated sales!

Attraction marketing has been proven effective among entrepreneurs within eCommerce, affiliate marketing, direct selling, and other business platforms.

But for this article, we will stick to understanding the basics of what is Attraction Marketing and how to use it for your network marketing business.

We will focus on how to apply this powerful success formula and grow your network in no time.

The Benefits of Attraction Marketing

The attraction marketing’s main focus is to brand yourself, not your company, not your product, YOU!

But what if,

  • You haven’t made something out of yourself yet
  • What if you haven’t earned tons of money
  • You are a nobody and just starting your network marketing career

This is the beauty of attraction marketing.

This marketing concept is formulated for people who are yet to find success in the business. Just like me when I was starting my path in network marketing.

Yes, I am a network marketer too and a few years back, I struggled BIG TIME in this industry. 

You can read My Story here.

But back then, there are no valuable pieces of information like what you are reading right now.

I am confident that if I have stumbled upon attraction marketing earlier, I wouldn't have gone through the tough journey that almost made me leave network marketing.

How to Brand Yourself

One of the most important things about attraction marketing is to brand yourself.

But how?

First, you need to understand these simple facts in a network marketing business:

  1. People join people
  1. People buy products from people
  1. Direct Selling Companies rise and fall
  1. Branding the company you are in is a bad move

Here’s the hard truth that you might not like.

If you are currently in a network marketing company (especially if you are new), chances are you are building your business the way your company is telling you how to build it.

Does any of these sound familiar:

  • One on one presentations
  • Home parties
  • Prospecting friends and family
  • Cold calling
  • Approaching strangers (anywhere and everywhere)
  • Giving away flyers and brochures
  • Etc

Guess what, these strategies don't (and won’t) work on most people.

This is like hunting with a sniper rifle in a jungle (legally) with blindfolds on, hoping to hit something other than your companions.

Believe me, these old school strategies do not work! I’ve been there. 

Besides, nobody likes doing them, not even you! ( I sure didn’t)

And even if you like doing these… these traditional prospecting strategies, chances are that the people under your network hates doing them.

You will never get the level of success that you desired and your organization will not grow if you are forcing people to do something they don’t really like.

What you need to do is brand yourself by giving value to your prospects. Find something that your “target audience” (will discuss more of this in a moment) want and give it to them.

People join people, not the company. So when people perceive you as someone they can trust, someone who can see their current dilemma, someone who can provide them something that they need…

When they see you as a leader who can guide them to a better life, chances are they will buy the solution that you offer (your products and services) and they will join your team.

With attraction marketing, you will be able to properly brand yourself that people will fall in line wanting what you have to offer.

Imagine how fast your network will grow then.

Identify your Audience

This is a crucial part of attraction marketing that most Direct Selling companies do not teach to their members.

I am sure you are familiar with these:

  • Everyone is a prospect
  • This is a numbers game
  • The more people you talk to the better the results
  • Etc

As much I hate to tell you this isn’t true, I must.

If only someone had told me about this truth a few years back, it would have saved me from losing a lot of friends, becoming a laughingstock among my family, losing a lot of money and avoided thousands of hours of embarrassments in the streets.

The truth is, not all people need your products, your services, and your business opportunity.

Here is a simple scenario.

Imagine approaching all kinds of people with just a pen to sell. (How to sell a pen to anybody, right?)

Unless you landed miraculously on the only place of the world where people haven’t seen a pen yet, you are unlikely to make any sales.

Whereas in the real world, the one that you are doing your business right now, you won’t be selling that pen any time soon, unless...

You go after that specific group of people that you are certain to be needing your pen.

Before you can grow your business, you must have a clear idea as to who your target audience is and this is one of the things that attraction marketing can provide you with ease.

Story Branding and Story Selling

With attraction marketing, you will be able to properly utilize story branding and story selling to boost your business. But before we move on, let me dig a little deeper to the difference between the two.

If you are like me who thought of these two as the same, then cheers! We are both wrong.

Story Selling and Story Branding is not the same.

I will try to make this as simple as possible for you.

Story Selling

Story Selling in business is a marketing technique utilized by many to capture the interest and attention of their prospects. This is used to win your prospects over by presenting them the facts clothe with flair and emotion.

A well-told story will allow your audience to relate to what you are talking about your product and would eventually lead to sales.

Story Branding

Story branding, on the other hand, is a lot different.

Instead of simply telling a story that elicits emotion from your audience, it’s purpose is to embed something on your audience other than emotion.

As the name suggests, this method will give you an identity, a brand, something that your audience will remember you as YOU.

Story branding is what will set you apart from others. It provides your audience with the reason as to why to choose you and your products or services.

Automate your Network Marketing Business

Attraction marketing will give you the tools and the ability to fully automate your network marketing business.

Gone were the days when you cannot expect any form of sales if you are not out there doing the grunt work.

Of course, one on one presentations, home parties, business meetings, and the whole shebang is still an option but guess what, with attraction marketing,

You can continuously generate sales and leads even as you sleep!

Is Attraction Marketing For You?

The truth is, I could continue going all the way with why you need attraction marketing for your business in the next 24 hours.

But the fact remains that it won’t do you any good unless you decide for yourself that you definitely need what the attraction marketing has to offer.

So if you are still wondering if attraction marketing is for you, below are some of the highlights on what you can expect by using this revolutionary marketing concept.

  • Get high-quality leads, people that already want what you have to offer
  • Network marketing business with zero rejections
  • An efficient way to build your network marketing business from the ground
  • Establish your own brand to get people looking for you
  • Build and maintain relationships with your prospect
  • Automate your network marketing business 24/7
  • Convenient and effective network marketing business strategies
  • Boost your sales and recruitment

Make money from the 90% who said NO

While attraction marketing will help you clearly identify your target audience, it also presents you with a unique opportunity to generate sales from the people that already said no to your network marketing business.

Let’s be honest here, how many people have you already talk to about your business and already turned you down.

With attraction marketing, you will have a guaranteed way to get those people’s attention and generate sales.

How to Use Attraction Marketing for your Network Marketing Business

There are tons of attraction marketing strategies you can launch for your networking business.

Below are the top attraction marketing strategies that you can immediately start on your own right after reading this.

  • Write an informative and valuable blog for your audience
  • Create captivating fan pages on Facebook and other social media platforms
  • Launch your own eBook and webinars
  • Create engaging sales funnels and lead magnets

And these are only the ones at the tip of the iceberg. There are more attraction marketing can offer that cater to your specific needs.

Attraction Marketing vs Traditional Method of Network Marketing

I find it needless to say that attraction marketing presents endless advantages to you and any other network marketers.

Compared to doing things old school and the traditional method, attraction marketing will provide you something better. (better than better)

With attraction marketing:

  • Say goodbye to chasing, begging and pestering your friends and family into joining your business
  • No more sleepless nights trying to device your own warm and cold prospecting strategies
  • You can automate your network marketing business so you can earn even while you sleep
  • One on one business presentations, home parties are replaced with better prospecting and lead generation strategies
  • Guaranteed boost on your sales performance
  • A proven way to generate sales from the people who already said NO

Related: Are you a struggling network marketer?

Are you interested to learn one of most probable reason why you aren't successful in network marketing yet?​

I guarantee everything will change immediately for your favor once you properly address this issue on your network marketing career.


As a network marketer, I cannot stress enough how much you need attraction marketing.

I encourage you to learn more about it as i firmly believe that this is the key in how to succeed in network marketing fast.

Thank you and until next time.

Your pal,



Finally, A Simple Way To Recruit Into Your Network Marketing Business Online – Rejection FREE – Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads…

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What If Your Sponsor Is Holding You Back From Success?

What if your upline is holding you back from success

What If Your Sponsor Is Holding You Back From Success?

What if your upline is holding you back from success

If are a struggling network marketer; hardworking yet currently nowhere near the level of success you are hoping for, did you consider asking yourself this…

What if your sponsor is keeping you from finding success?

I know you might find this a little hard to believe, especially if you have been following every piece of advice and strategies from your sponsor such as:

  • Social media recruitment (Posting your business photos on Facebook)
  • Friends and family prospecting
  • Home parties
  • Warm/cold marketing approach
  • Etc

You must be thinking…

Why would your sponsor be throwing you under the bus when your success has a direct impact on their income. Right?

But as crazy as this may seem, what I am saying is true.

In this article, I am going to discuss why “blindly” following the advice of your sponsor could be detrimental to your network marketing career.

For starters...

Is Your Sponsor One of the Top Earners In the Company?

The reason I ask this is that on average 97% of the network marketers in your company do not earn a substantial amount of money.

Which means that there is only 3% of the marketers who are qualified to train and coach you.

If your sponsor is not one of those successful ones, how will they provide you with the success path?

I mean, your sponsor means well, but when it comes down to business, it is the results that count.

Years ago, when my sponsor (the nice Indian lady in the image above) convinced me to join her team...

She had no clue how to provide proper training and support, and she was struggling with the business as well.

The advice I got from her was to prospect my friends, family, and the people in the office. Then, I was also taught that posting images of me with the company's products on social media was a good way to generate interest. I was so wrong!

The problem is, I started to see my friends blocking my post, and I was even reported as a spammer. But when I asked my sponsor how I should deal with this problem, she couldn't give me a direct answer.

I don't blame her because she is just another victim, like me. Her sponsor wasn't giving her the support she deserves as well.

Right about the time I left the company because I don't see myself going anywhere, her business folded too.

Then, it was only when I met one of the top earners of my previous company years later that I realize...

The Old Methods of Network Marketing Don't Work Anymore

As Ferny (the top earner) told me, the majority of the sponsors are stuck with the outdated strategies because NO ONE at the top is willing to share their secrets to success. And he affirmed that the traditional methods (like the ones my sponsor taught me) didn't help the top 3%, it was something else.

And he told me that the internet has revolutionized the entire network marketing industry, but most marketers aren't aware of it.

What he said was true, if a distributor comes to me with new product nowadays or when I see a Facebook post of someone posing with a product, I will research the company, and the product on Google before anything else.

There are so many reviews out there, and there are only 2 possibilities after reading the reviews:

  1. Avoid the company; or 
  2. Join the person (the blogger) who wrote one of the reviews

But what about the distributor who was the first to introduce you to the product? Good question, but it is highly unlikely the distributor will get the sale.

Because people nowadays are conditioned to trust things that they read on Google more than the people around them (that's the sad truth).

And, to motivate people to join the company, bloggers will make their reviews (pitch) enticing, like offering freebies such as free marketing training, eBooks, etc.

This realization got me excited about my former company once again, and this time around, I joined the company with the Top Earner as my mentor.

Everything Changes When You Have Someone Successful Coaching You!

I was fortunate to have found a successful coach.

And he was the one who taught me the strategy called "Attraction Marketing" .

It is a strategy that is designed for network marketers to find high-quality prospects online effortlessly.

If you are wondering what Attraction Marketing is all about I want you to imagine this... 

You wake up in the morning, open up your email, and smile. You smile because you see commissions, new leads, and people applying to join your team. This didn't happen overnight or by accident. It happened because you followed a proven step by step system to attract people to you online.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Trust me, I didn't believe it at first, and I was just as skeptical as you when I heard about this.

But, when I see the results, I smiled!

So, if you're ready to build your business online with a proven strategy then get started with this FREE 10-Day Bootcamp.

To your success!



Finally, A Simple Way To Recruit Into Your Network Marketing Business Online – Rejection FREE – Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads…

Claim Your Free Internet Recruiting Video Series (Bootcamp)…

How To Succeed In Network Marketing Fast

How To Succeed In Network Marketing Fast - Featured Image
How To Succeed In Network Marketing Fast - Featured Image

Are you an honest and hardworking network marketer yet right now you have nothing to show for?

Exhausted? And, even possibly already entertaining the idea of totally giving up?

Are you on the brink of completely letting that tiny flicker of hope towards your dream of financial freedom die, and simply go back to the ever-popular rat race each of us has been systematically prepared for?

Then this article might just help you hold on to that dream and provide you with some invaluable pieces of information on HOW TO SUCCEED IN NETWORK MARKETING FAST!

My Story

You see about 4 years ago, before I've achieved success in my network marketing business, I am exactly where you are right now.

It all began when the company that I was working had to go into restructuring and I was laid off.

 By that time, I was not that worried being laid off because...

  1. I have managed to put away a decent amount of savings and
  2. I was also doing a part-time business in one of the popular and recognized MLM companies before.

Other than the bonus fact that I hate my job.

I mean, who loves their 9-5 weekday routine called “job”, boxed into a tiny cube together with a bunch of the same unhappy people paid with a meager amount barely enough to pay the bills.

I don’t know about you but I’m not saying every job is like mine.

But, it’s what I experienced nonetheless. My friends and family have the same story to tell.

So, I took it as a challenge (getting laid off work) and told myself that it was the “sign” for me to give my all to network marketing so that eventually, I would not need to see that cursed office cubicle anymore and I will finally enjoy the financial freedom in my twenties. (Ahhh youth)

However, what I did not realize is that...

I was Doing it All Wrong...

Like most network marketers, I was doing it the traditional way.

The way I was taught to by my uplines and according to the company’s “how to succeed in network marketing fast” book.

I invited my friends and their friends and their friends' of friends to home parties so I could present my business.

Honestly, if their dogs and cats could register in my company I would invite them too.

I am no alien to calling up old buddies for a meetup, drawing circles on napkins during dinners and turning special family occasions into awkward business seminars.

I have used every traditional by the book and self-taught strategies, including peer pressuring my family members, door-to-door selling, and even cold market approach.


I know...You know the feeling.

So ultimately within a few months, I’ve exhausted all my savings and I even had to borrow money just to pay my bills.

Whilst the 101% effort I’ve invested in my network marketing business has not paid off. Not even a little bit.

And just because when it rains it darn pours, it later came to light that the networking company I was part of was, in fact, a pyramiding scheme.

You could only imagine how angry and disappointed I was during that time. There was nothing I could do but move on.

So I pick up every piece of my shattered dignity and went back into employment.

To cut the story short, I managed to get another entry-level job, began my 9-5 weekday routine again and manage to survive day to day.

But just like before, I was never truly happy. Never contented.

I wanted more of my life other than spending the next 30-40 years of it inside an office cubicle.

 So when a colleague of mine invited me to another business seminar, I obliged.

Much to My Surprise...

It was a huge seminar with at least a thousand people in a large venue. More are beelining from the outside.

I was skeptical at first because of my previous experience...

Even during the time the top earners were awarded their 6-7 digit cheque commissions on the stage, telling us how this company changed their lives.

Moreover, I also have no money for the registration fee because I just started working again.

But there’s something about this company that whispers “this is it!”

What attracted me the most is this particular MLM company’s product is totally innovative, and I was told that I don’t even need to do the selling and presentations myself.

All I need to do is invite people to regularly held company events just like that one. How hard can that be?

I convinced myself how easy it would be to invite my workmates, colleagues, and relatives to events like that.

When I thought about it, it was actually much better because unlike me, the speakers are actually top earners and achievers who have something to show for.

So after so much consideration...

I decided to borrow some money and got started!

It's about time to make the company work for me.

Or so I thought.

I was so naive back then thinking it would be that simple. Apparently, the truth slapped me hard on both cheeks.

After months of grinding, I still have nothing to show for.

I’ve invited more than 10 people each week to the seminars but no one decided to become a member like me.

And even though I didn’t make much money from network marketing...

Every night after my full-time job, and every weekend I still get out and hustle. To the point where people would stay away from me!

Eventually, I was Burned Out!

Again, nothing seems to work out and I was eventually burned out.

Don’t get me wrong, I love network marketing and I truly believe my company could help anyone get their dreams.

But it's always a losing battle whenever you are giving something the best that you could possibly offer only to come short (always) with the outcome you are hoping for.

This time, I am really on the edge of quitting from my network marketing business.

I don’t want to spend any more time into something that does not pay off.

However, it was also during that moment that something hit me.

I realized that there could be another way to do this business efficiently and effectively. Something I didn’t know.

There must be a “secret” on how to succeed in network marketing fast just like the top earners and achievers did.

It's either that or it could be that there is something I am doing incorrectly.

So I decided to give it one last chance. See things from a different perspective. I am all wet anyways so why not dance in the rain, right?

This time I decided to turn into powers greater than my own. No not religion, but I’m a believer if you should know.

This time, I seek the help of my direct sponsor, uplines and their team.


Instead of giving me a dollar's worth of advice...

They gave me excuses and even told me to stick to what I was doing, when it’s the fact that what I was doing all along is not working!

That is why I resorted to asking for their advice in the first place.

They even asked me to hound the people who’ve rejected me. As if me being officially the resident “get-away-from” and “don't-talk-to” guy in my family and friend’s list was not enough.

Who else can relate to this?

So, I went out to find the answers myself.

And luckily, I met a person in one of the training sessions hosted by my network marketing company.

The Turning Point for My Network Marketing Business

I was always hesitant to attend those company training because I often found them ineffective and a waste of time.

But somehow, I've convinced myself to attend that one particular training and it was, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I've ever made in my entire life.

Not because the training was enlightening and life-changing.

But, it’s because of the person I've met during the event.

That person talked about using a specific strategy to prospect people which enabled him to recruit 18 highly motivated people to join his business in just 1 month!

18 people! In 1 month!

I was smitten. How did he do it? Of course, I wasn’t able to learn his secret that day.

But over time, as we get to know each other and became really good friends, he eventually shared his secret with me.

And, this secret is what brought me success in my network marketing business, a secret which I am about to share with you right now.

That was the first time I stumbled upon...

It Wasn't Easy, but It Was Worth It!

Let me make myself very clear at this point...

Knowing what the secret did not mean immediate success for me alright? Let’s all be clear on that.

Of course, it took time for me to learn the ropes, and to fine-tune all the things I've learned from the secret. To give you a little more information, the secret derives from a strategy called Attraction Marketing.

As I promised you honesty all through this article, here it is.

It was hard at first and it wasn’t as easy as I wanted it to be.

However, I took every ounce of knowledge I could learn and applied it repeatedly in my network marketing business and guess what?

For the first time in my network marketing business career...

I knew EXACTLY what to do as well as the CONFIDENCE to do it. That's how powerful the secret strategy is.

Piecing It Together

I finally know what I was doing wrong and what are the things that I must do instead.

The moment I perfected those things and as all the pieces fall into their right places...

I was finally able to earn a full-time income from my network marketing business.

Oh, and did I mention I did it with ZERO REJECTION?

As a matter of fact, by doing the strategies...

People will come to you on their own and ask about your business, not the typical other way around!

FINALLY, you can say goodbye to embarrassing home parties, hassle invitations to your company’s events, and the judging eyes of your cohorts and relatives.

This time, it will be them wanting your time and attention, eager to get a piece of something that you offer.

Now, how is that for a change?

My Advice?

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It will be worth your time, I guarantee it.

And against popular belief, YES, you can achieve success and financial freedom through network marketing.

You just need to have the right tool in order to know the exact steps to take and the right strategies to do it.

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Thank you for taking the time on reading this article about how to succeed in network marketing fast.


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